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The Faculty of Medicine was initially established on June 12, 2019, with the aim of producing quality medical graduates according to the Medical Council standards. The faculty’s curriculum emphasizes learning subject to produce a doctor with knowledge and competence in Family and Geriatric Medicine to serve urban communities and the elderly. Regarding to this, these medical graduates are supposed to be physicians who have the ability to adapt themselves to the knowledge of medicine, economic environment and society. The Faculty work process is a collaboration between Bangkok Thonburi University and Bangkok Medical Service Department. Moreover, the Faculty has been supported by the Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University, as a mentor institution.

The increasing in production number of doctors is in response to the government's policy namely the 12th Economic and Social Development Plan 2017-2021. Its objective is to increase people's opportunities to access the health system, disease prevention and universal health care. Besides, the Faculty program focuses on producing family medicine physicians and geriatric physicians. Such program is in line with the government action plan fiscal year 2021. This plan has been drafted by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Public Health on the topic of the country's reform plan in public health on system reform issues of primary care. The plan emphasizes means of taking care of the health of the people implemented by the family medicine care guideline, development of manpower in field of family medicine physicians under the government policy. Such plan is set up for a public health system development to promote, prevent and control health risk factors by establishing a primary care medical system with family physicians to provide comprehensive care to the people.

The figure from a survey of the elderly population since 2014 by the National Statistical Office found that Thai population society has entered an aging society and tends to eventually enter a completely aging society. In order to support the aging society, this course will focus on producing more geriatric medicine doctors. This task will be in line with the situation of the community and society involved in the Thai public health system in the future. The program is an opportunity for students graduated from a high school of international program or a bachelor's degree or higher in the field of science or health sciences to further their studies in field of medical program.

Program of Study



Full name in English: Doctor of Medicine

Abbreviated name in English: M.D.

Program of Study: 6-year bachelor's degree program

Teaching Language: Thai and English

Program of Study

Student of Year 1-3 will study pre-medical and pre-clinical courses.

(Pre-medicine and Pre-clinic) at Bangkokthonburi University

Student of Year 4-6 will study clinical courses at the medical hospital

Admission Requirements

1. High school graduates in science and mathematics in Thailand

2. High school graduates in science and mathematics from abroad certified by the Ministry of Education as equivalent and able to use Thai language very well

3. Graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher in health sciences.

Collaborations with other Institutes

The faculty has a partnership with clinical work-based internship hospitals as follows:

1. The Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University and the school of medicine of various universities in free elective courses

2. Central Hospital general hospital and community hospitals in specific subjects

2.1 And 3 Co-teaching hospitals as follows:

2.1.1 Main hospital (Teaching hospital) namely Ratchaphiphat Hospital which is a medium-sized hospital with the capacity to receive 250 inpatient beds.

2.1.2 Affiliated hospitals, namely Vajira Hospital which is a large hospital with the capacity to receive 875 inpatient beds, Luang Por Taweesak Chutintharo Uthit Hospital which is a small hospital with the capacity to receive 110 inpatient beds and other hospitals under the jurisdiction of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

2.1.3 Community hospital

- Public Health Service Center 30 Wat Chao Arm

- Public Health Service Center 40 Bang Khae

- Public Health Service Center 48 Nakwatchara Uthit

- Public Health Service Center 67 Thaweewattana

Under cooperation scheme for producing and developing health science workforce between Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Ministry of Interior and Bangkok Thonburi University supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health, it is accordingly designated that courses of the Faculty of Medicine, Bangkok Thonburi University, will be advised by the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital Navamindradhiraj University as their consultant and mentor.

Course Description

The field of medicine is a branch of the health sciences that deals with the application of scientific knowledge and liberal arts used in medical care which covers human health care for health promotion disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment of disease and illness and rehabilitation according to the standard criteria for medical practitioners of the Medical Council of Thailand

Desirable characteristics of the graduates

Doctor of Medicine Program’s objective is to produce medical graduates with the following special characteristics:

1. Have morality, ethics and a positive attitude at professional career and in society.

2. Have knowledge and ability and basic skills in the basics of the medical profession by being able to provide holistic health services covering health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and health rehabilitation of individuals, families and communities in a professional manner, especially in family medicine and geriatric medicine.

3. Competence in laboratory investigations i.e. to be able to select suitable laboratory tests. This includes indication, patient preparation, specimen storage and interpretation of the results for diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.

4. Have the ability to analyze data and solve health problems rationally according to the scientific process covering various aspects in a holistic way.

5. Have a positive attitude towards continuing education at all times. Follow up the progress of new technologies and be able to use technology appropriately at the right time.

6. Have communication skills to convey messages to doctors, medical personnel, patients, relatives of patients, people in other professions in general public. Be able to communicate with people of all age groups both listening and speaking. And be able to write both Thai and English and work in team.

7. Have the ability to integrate and apply academic knowledge and competence in medicine with various subjects, including scientific knowledge of health systems when performing duties and providing health services to the public. Good interpersonal skills and be able to work with other professional personnel effectively.

8. Have a positive attitude, being aware of the social context, regulations, laws and public policies that govern the practice of medicine at present and in future.

9. Have the ability to analyze research results and conduct basic research correctly in accordance with constantly evolving research methodologies.

10. Have leadership skills to navigate the society

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